Warm enough for a skirt!

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It rained a lot today, seems only fitting I write about the day I wore a skirt to lighten the mood! I found this one in the box we had full of summer clothes so obviously I wanted to wear it out! 

We popped down the beach and were pleasantly greeted by a bunch of people sunbathing and even some children full on swimming! I took off my shoes and decided to have a paddle, in theory, it was great but we only have pebbles and stones on Worthing because so my feet felt like they were being shredded to pieces, at least it looked good.

My backpack is from Kipling and was a present off my parents for being accepted into uni, I'm thinking about doing a whole post on it because I'm in love.

We went for a walk to the shop a bit later in the day and found a quiet road to take some more posey af photos.
I don't usually do things like this so it was a bit out of my comfort zone, loved it though and I'm planning on doing some more outfit type posts during the year. 

Also stopped by the park because I'm a child. The swings were always my favourite to go on as a kid so nothing could stop me now!

Here's hoping that the weather starts to get warmer again and I can bring out my milk bottle legs! 

Are outfit/life posts something that you want to see more of? Do let me know!

Thanks for popping in as always, 
Hannah xo

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