Warm enough for a skirt!

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It rained a lot today, seems only fitting I write about the day I wore a skirt to lighten the mood! I found this one in the box we had full of summer clothes so obviously I wanted to wear it out! 

We popped down the beach and were pleasantly greeted by a bunch of people sunbathing and even some children full on swimming! I took off my shoes and decided to have a paddle, in theory, it was great but we only have pebbles and stones on Worthing because so my feet felt like they were being shredded to pieces, at least it looked good.

My backpack is from Kipling and was a present off my parents for being accepted into uni, I'm thinking about doing a whole post on it because I'm in love.

We went for a walk to the shop a bit later in the day and found a quiet road to take some more posey af photos.
I don't usually do things like this so it was a bit out of my comfort zone, loved it though and I'm planning on doing some more outfit type posts during the year. 

Also stopped by the park because I'm a child. The swings were always my favourite to go on as a kid so nothing could stop me now!

Here's hoping that the weather starts to get warmer again and I can bring out my milk bottle legs! 

Are outfit/life posts something that you want to see more of? Do let me know!

Thanks for popping in as always, 
Hannah xo


Mini OOTD.

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While walking around we looked for somewhere to eat, stumbled across this little-hidden gem called Dead Wax Social, we noticed on the menu outside that they had vegan pizza, WITH cheese, we were there. 
Kevin ordered #20, pesto base, caramelised onions and tofu, I went for the plain tomato and cheese which was beyond worth it, they use the Vio Life cheese and you would never be able to tell that it wasn't dairy. We've been back since then, I think it might be our new regular lunch place in Brighton!
Jacket - Cotton Traders, I did the ink splats myself. 
Jeans - Primark
Shoes - Clarks 
T-Shirt - H&M
Backpack - Kipling
Camera - Samsung NX3000

Walking round we went down a side road to get to where we were going and I wanted to get one of those OOTD, people still do those right?
I haven't really 'posed' for a proper photo before but I think I did alright, the vertical one might just be my favourite photo that has ever been taken of me.
We went a few weekends ago for the Tidy Print official shop opening, we'd been before but it was nice to meet the owners and have a go at screen printing, of course with vegan donuts and cold beer. Wonderful atmosphere, it's only a small shop but they sell prints from local artists and art made in house.

 Thanks for popping in, have you been to Dead Wax Social? Would recommend if not!

Hannah. xo

Cass Wishlist.

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Hey hi hello, 

So on the Cass Art website, there is a very dangerous feature which allows you to make a wishlist, oh my. So I thought I'd pop on here and share what I've put on that list.

I'll start with paper and paper accessories! 
You can never have enough paper or things to draw on, it doesn't always have to be paper but I love a good sketchbook, so first up is marker paper, omg, one of my biggest art related pet peeves is when markers bleed through and trash two or three pages at once, WHY. 
Next up is heavy weight cartridge paper because it's good for everything (except markers).
Finally a guillotine! I usually go for the larger paper pads is so I can have any size I want rather than having 1 of every size they do, as nice as that would be, with an A2 pad I can cut it down, now I'm not the best with scissors so the edges end up wonky AF.

Starting out with Pro Markers, I've recently discovered the brush markers. We went into the Cass shop in Brighton and they had some out on their testing table, I was right there! I've been to Hobbycraft before but you had to buy the whole pack of 12 for like £25 and without trying them first I was a bit skeptical, so it was nice to have a hands-on try. 

Heavy body paints are my dream, I love using thick paint with palette knives, mum bought some of the Liquitex soft body paints, I'm looking to get some thickening paste to have a mix.
Lastly, some basic colour paint, can't go wrong with red blue and yellow.

The first photo, how cool do those look, they're like the nozzles you get for icing cakes, I'm sure they're pretty much the same but you put them on paint tubes to squeeze out the paint! 
Then we have palette knives, I've discovered these not too long ago when I worked on a larger painting, I got some of the plastic ones to have a mess with and really enjoyed them, the wooden handle ones are fab, I have one currently and use it to death.
The next image is still a palette knife but it's huge! The website says 14cm, uh imagine the movements you can get with that! 

The pebble shaped thing is a rubber knife, you can get it with different edges for mark making in paint or maybe even clay.
Finally some paint brushes because you can always do with brushes! 

Last but not least are just some random tools that you kinda want but don't 'need', you know.
MASKING TAPE OH MY GOD. I can't say how many times a day I think, damn I wish I had some masking tape, it's so useful especially for blanking off edges of the paper.

The second image is something I came across is something to clean brushes, now take it back to the beauty blogger days of that Bourjois magic nail cleaner? You know the one I'm talking about, in the pink tub that you twisted your finger round and your nail polish would be taken off in seconds, well this is kinda the same thing but for brushes! It states that it can remove any type of pain, EVEN the ones that have dried onto the brush, life saver.

A spritz bottle because who doesn't need one of those and finally a sharpener, along with the masking tape I constantly ask myself why the hell do I not have a decent sharpener. 

OKAY, are you still with me, good, we're all done. 
I feel like I could just link the whole website because let's be honest, any person who draws for fun or professionally would have a field day being let loose in that shop.

I have linked everything if you click the image then you'll be taken to the web page, see how nice I am so you don't need to go looking. 

Thanks for popping in, as always of course. 
If you had a £100 voucher for the site, what would you buy? 

Hannah, xo

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