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How is it going, my god where has the time gone, where has everything gone?!
Gonna ease back into the blogging scene with a look at my desk! Art supplies and what I've been up to.
Been updating Instagram with some recent projects, trying to share a lot but you just forget sometimes!
These oil pastels have a chart on the inside of the lid, which I have ONLY just seen, I've had these pastels about a year. So I coloured it in with them all and now I can accurately see what the colours are without thinking I'm getting a blue but the barrel is dirty so it comes out red! 

I won this little watercolour set from a competition that Ella Masters held on her Instagram page! I won a sketch book too but it's practically full now.

I've really been into colouring pencils lately, shading and mark making straight with them rather than graphite pencils or fine liners, these ones are a mix of cheap ones I found and some Tropicolours from Bic, they're so smooth when you apply to paper and blend really well.

These are my Holy Grail pens and pencil.

Here are just some other tools I have been using, the Tombow brush markers, I love these because they are dual ended with a fine liner the other end so you can do detailed lines as well as the brush. 
You can see on the left of that image there are what look like crayons but they're Derwent aqua crayons, super cool actually, if you sharpen it and mix the shavings with water, it makes paint!
On the right are some Stabilo fine liners, love the colour choice and they're great to colour in small areas.
Just a selection of brushes, the ones singled out are my go to's whenever I paint anything, I also use palette knives a lot.

This is the contents of my pencil case that I chuck in my bag whenever I go out and that sits on my desk so I have everything to hand! 
We'll start from the left- 
A mechanical pencil I have permanently borrowed from a hotel we stayed in last year, 
gold and silver paint markers from Pentel,  
Pro Marker in Indigo Blue V234
Pro Maker in Sunflower Y156
Pro Marker brush in Sunflower Y156, yes I have two of this colour, it's my favourite, I have a third in another case! 
The Paper Mate flair, x2 Pentel One Touch brush that I mentioned above, again I have a 3rd One Touch because I love them so much
Posca fine paint marker
x2 black biro pens
A selection of Derwent graphite pens and a few charcoal pencils

I think that's about it, not any photos of my actual desk because the lighting was diabolical so I'll do another post about my desk, it's pretty awesome.

Thanks for popping in, I have missed blogging so hopefully I can get back into it, I really want to do more art related posts, shifting over to call myself an art blogger, that's exciting. 

Hannah :) xo
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