Vegan Lunch

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Okay so I have to talk about this, a bit of background, Catarina and I are making a very conscious effort to go vegan/plant based this year, only 4 days in but I think we're doing pretty good. I can't eat dairy anyway as it doesn't like my body and very rarely eat meat and prefer the Quorn 'meats' over normal most times so the only thing we're really cutting out is eggs, honey, and dairy for her. 

So obviously being quite excited to get going with the food I had a look around online and in books to find some easy recipes to start with, something I kept coming across was Cheap Lazy Vegan, I'm going to link to the food we tried and what I thought.

First of all, we tried this burger, it turned out really nice!
I have linked the website because I don't want you thinking I came up with the recipe omg no, just sharing because it needs to be shared, so damn good.

There's a video here on how to cook the burger and a few other things.

It was being made for three people so we added a can of pinto beans along with the kidney beans, and the whole jar of tomato sauce, the instructions say a cup of oats but because we added more beans and sauce, there was too much moisture for the burger to stay together in the pan, we added two more cups of oats to make the mixture a bit more dry, worked a charm. 

I don't have any pictures of ours, we ate it too quickly! 

Next up is why we're all here, what I did for lunch today, oh my god yes.
I took parts of two different recipes and mixed them

Here's the blog post for the noodles I did, and a youtube video too. 
On this post there is a recipe for pumpkin pasta, we're going to be trying that for dinner today, I will write about that too if it turns out good! 

Okay so moving on to what I did today, I joined these two together, I too the peanut butter, water and extra soy sauce from the second recipe (second image) and added it to the first one. I put the tofu in, I have never eaten tofu before so I was pleasantly surprised as to how nice it was, as with the peanut butter though, I don't like it, well, didn't, but I do like satay sauce, you know the kind you get on chicken skewers, so I thought why the hell not, it tasted SO good. 

I added a little sriracha sauce on the top for some spice.
Here is what it looked like, I put some peppers too because we had one in the fridge that needed eating. 

I had already started eating by the time I thought to take a picture, it looks a bit like spaghetti bolognese! We only had the crunchy type of peanut butter, not all bad but it added a lot of texture and tasted really good. 

I cannot recommend this enough. 

Go and check out Cheap Lazy Vegan's youtube channel and blog for some inspiration, even if you're not vegan or vegetarian they're just yummy! 

That's about all I have to say, for now, I'm quite enjoying blogging again, I go through phases, quite annoying because I'd just love to do it full time, who knows what this year will bring.

Thanks for popping in, as always of course. 

Hannah :) xo
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