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Hey hello! 

We popped to Ikea the other day, mum wanted some furniture for her room, a new desk, some storage, you know, why else do you go to Ikea (apart from the food).
I did a vlog, oh my god what is this, vlogging? me? you read right, now the footage didn't come out too great, the ol' shaky hand and lack of focusing skills, definitely something I'm going to work on. 
I have been doing a bit on my phone too so who knows, you may see some clips soon.

I got a few snaps in Ikea, nothing too fancy, I mean what is there to show there, every shop looks the same! 
We had a sit in the cafe, being vegan and mum having horrendous allergies there wasn't much between us but I did try the veggie balls, hmm, they were essentially falafel, good, though. Mum had chips and Catarina ate the veggie balls with some roasted veg.
Here they both are on their phones! Great socialising going on here, and no Catarina you can't spend real money on an app.
This was something quite cool, it looked like kids had submitted in drawings of monsters and creatures for them to be made into real toys, very cute idea.
There was something quite mesmerising about a basket full of scissors! 
The fabric section is my mums favourite without a doubt and the displays of cushions are too adorable omg would you look at the toothbrush.
And to end, one of those on purpose out of focus photos of some LED lights, everybody loves those. I was thinking about adding in a mini haul but I actually only bought one thing, they're some multicoloured chopsticks, still quite exciting I think.

Do you love Ikea as much as I do? Probably not!

Thanks for popping in, 
Hannah :) xo
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