Art and Me.

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Art is my life. 
I say it out loud enough, I love art, everything art, I appreciate it, I live it, I would talk about it 24/7 if someone would listen. Art is my favourite thing in the world. 
Be it me drawing, looking at paintings, sculptures, photographs, even an unmade bed (wink wink Tracey Emin).

I mentioned in my last post that I had applied for university (OHMYGOD), when I was small all I wanted to be was a vet, not a surgeon but the kind you saw on those RSPCA programmes where they would go out in their little vans and rescue trapped foxes and swans from people's gardens. I wanted to give the people who neglected animals a good telling off, that was 6 year old Hannah's dream. 

Moving on a few years my attention and interests turned to Ancient Egypt, everything, I was utterly bonkers for it, books, TV, radio, photos, museums, I needed to learn everything. 
That's when I decided I wanted to be an Egyptologist, essentially and archaeologist but specialising in Ancient Egypt, cool right. 
Along came high school around so I chose History and Geography as GCSE's because I thought hey would help to apply for the related course in college. History came around and I was so very disappointed that we never learnt about the Egyptians, it was World War 2, Brighton through time and something about the American West. Boo. 
I was so sad that we didn't even touch on the Egyptians I went completely off the idea and lost interest in it totally, which made me very sad because it was all I could think about. 

I let that go and started thinking practically. I looked at my life and what I loved to do and what my current interests were and after a horrible time doing A levels, I changed college and went to an art based college where my passion for art was reborn if you will. 
I did Art&Design and got D*DD which oh my god I was ecstatic with. 
With this, I wanted to go to university to do fashion design so I could change the way the world see's plus size people, a big dream I know, but that was what I really wanted to do.

I took two years out of college after I finished that course because I wasn't ready for uni, mentally and physically I think.
I'm ready now, not for fashion but for fine art, this is where my heart really is, painting and sculpting and just expressing myself on canvas.
I have applied to specialise in painting, I think I have really found my style when it comes to creating, the two years I spent doing Art&Design really helped me with that. 
I have been experimenting with drawing and creating on my own and I think I'm finally there. 

If you follow my Instagram you'll get a good sense of what I do, essentially scribbles, but they're an extension of me, my thoughts and feelings, my brain and heart.
Currently I only draw on my iPad, which has literally changed my life btw, but I'm hoping to expand to canvas and more sketchbooks, I don't have the space to work on a large canvas for weeks and leave paints and art bits and bobs around the house so digitally will have to do for now. 

Something I really want to do this year is pushing my prints, I have put a few up on Etsy so far but I'd love to have more if not all of them available for you to buy or just look at!

Those are up for now, look at that amazing mock-up! Feedback on them would be great too.

Please be sure to link me to your Instagrams and Etsy shops if you have any. 

I think I'll stop here or this post will be miles long, thank you for reading, as always.

Hannah :) xo
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