Is blogging dead?

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A bit of a controversial topic today, the big question, is blogging dead?

I originally started blogging about 5 years ago and I wish I'd kept it up, with this blog it's been almost a year and I've learnt a lot in that time. I now know that I have to link my social media accounts and keep them active, I know it's not all about the followers but for some people and companies, it is if you want to get 'anywhere' in the blogging world. 
Of course, there are established bloggers, 5/6/7+ years into their blogs, can you blame them, though, they post every day, their content is beyond fabulous and they seem genuine enough to want to be their best friend, but what about us little guys. The people who only have a few posts or who have been pushing hard every day just like the big ones but still aren't getting anywhere. 

What do we do? You try and contact a bigger blogger now and you get nothing, I appreciate that they're busy and they have thousands of people trying to speak to them everyday but does that make me any less of a person on the internet because I don't have thousands of followers or views on my posts, no, it doesn't.
I blog because I want to, I blog because I love to write and take photos, I love the small following I do have on social media who interact with me and who take the time to share my posts. Some people start blogging because it is a job now, if you can make it into a full-time career then, by all means, go for it but that doesn't come without hard work and all of your time going into your blog.

So what am I trying to get at here?
I don't think that blogging is dead but I do think it is a lot harder to get up to the point that the more established bloggers are, it'll take a few more years than you may have thought because there are already people at the top, you're a few steps behind them. If you want something you have to go out and get it, now I'm sure this isn't new information to you but YOU are the only person in your own way when it comes to success and what you want from life.
If you want to be the best chef, blogger, runner, makeup artist, tea maker, whatever else, you go and get it, stop making excuses and cheer yourself on to reach your goals and aspirations. 

Of course, my dog, Lancelot, wanted to get in on the act, cute!
I just felt like talking a bit about what was going on in my head today, your opinions would be much appreciated on this topic too, feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email.

Thanks for popping in, 
Hannah :) xo



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Hey hello! 

We popped to Ikea the other day, mum wanted some furniture for her room, a new desk, some storage, you know, why else do you go to Ikea (apart from the food).
I did a vlog, oh my god what is this, vlogging? me? you read right, now the footage didn't come out too great, the ol' shaky hand and lack of focusing skills, definitely something I'm going to work on. 
I have been doing a bit on my phone too so who knows, you may see some clips soon.

I got a few snaps in Ikea, nothing too fancy, I mean what is there to show there, every shop looks the same! 
We had a sit in the cafe, being vegan and mum having horrendous allergies there wasn't much between us but I did try the veggie balls, hmm, they were essentially falafel, good, though. Mum had chips and Catarina ate the veggie balls with some roasted veg.
Here they both are on their phones! Great socialising going on here, and no Catarina you can't spend real money on an app.
This was something quite cool, it looked like kids had submitted in drawings of monsters and creatures for them to be made into real toys, very cute idea.
There was something quite mesmerising about a basket full of scissors! 
The fabric section is my mums favourite without a doubt and the displays of cushions are too adorable omg would you look at the toothbrush.
And to end, one of those on purpose out of focus photos of some LED lights, everybody loves those. I was thinking about adding in a mini haul but I actually only bought one thing, they're some multicoloured chopsticks, still quite exciting I think.

Do you love Ikea as much as I do? Probably not!

Thanks for popping in, 
Hannah :) xo

Vegan Lunch

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Okay so I have to talk about this, a bit of background, Catarina and I are making a very conscious effort to go vegan/plant based this year, only 4 days in but I think we're doing pretty good. I can't eat dairy anyway as it doesn't like my body and very rarely eat meat and prefer the Quorn 'meats' over normal most times so the only thing we're really cutting out is eggs, honey, and dairy for her. 

So obviously being quite excited to get going with the food I had a look around online and in books to find some easy recipes to start with, something I kept coming across was Cheap Lazy Vegan, I'm going to link to the food we tried and what I thought.

First of all, we tried this burger, it turned out really nice!
I have linked the website because I don't want you thinking I came up with the recipe omg no, just sharing because it needs to be shared, so damn good.

There's a video here on how to cook the burger and a few other things.

It was being made for three people so we added a can of pinto beans along with the kidney beans, and the whole jar of tomato sauce, the instructions say a cup of oats but because we added more beans and sauce, there was too much moisture for the burger to stay together in the pan, we added two more cups of oats to make the mixture a bit more dry, worked a charm. 

I don't have any pictures of ours, we ate it too quickly! 

Next up is why we're all here, what I did for lunch today, oh my god yes.
I took parts of two different recipes and mixed them

Here's the blog post for the noodles I did, and a youtube video too. 
On this post there is a recipe for pumpkin pasta, we're going to be trying that for dinner today, I will write about that too if it turns out good! 

Okay so moving on to what I did today, I joined these two together, I too the peanut butter, water and extra soy sauce from the second recipe (second image) and added it to the first one. I put the tofu in, I have never eaten tofu before so I was pleasantly surprised as to how nice it was, as with the peanut butter though, I don't like it, well, didn't, but I do like satay sauce, you know the kind you get on chicken skewers, so I thought why the hell not, it tasted SO good. 

I added a little sriracha sauce on the top for some spice.
Here is what it looked like, I put some peppers too because we had one in the fridge that needed eating. 

I had already started eating by the time I thought to take a picture, it looks a bit like spaghetti bolognese! We only had the crunchy type of peanut butter, not all bad but it added a lot of texture and tasted really good. 

I cannot recommend this enough. 

Go and check out Cheap Lazy Vegan's youtube channel and blog for some inspiration, even if you're not vegan or vegetarian they're just yummy! 

That's about all I have to say, for now, I'm quite enjoying blogging again, I go through phases, quite annoying because I'd just love to do it full time, who knows what this year will bring.

Thanks for popping in, as always of course. 

Hannah :) xo

Art and Me.

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Art is my life. 
I say it out loud enough, I love art, everything art, I appreciate it, I live it, I would talk about it 24/7 if someone would listen. Art is my favourite thing in the world. 
Be it me drawing, looking at paintings, sculptures, photographs, even an unmade bed (wink wink Tracey Emin).

I mentioned in my last post that I had applied for university (OHMYGOD), when I was small all I wanted to be was a vet, not a surgeon but the kind you saw on those RSPCA programmes where they would go out in their little vans and rescue trapped foxes and swans from people's gardens. I wanted to give the people who neglected animals a good telling off, that was 6 year old Hannah's dream. 

Moving on a few years my attention and interests turned to Ancient Egypt, everything, I was utterly bonkers for it, books, TV, radio, photos, museums, I needed to learn everything. 
That's when I decided I wanted to be an Egyptologist, essentially and archaeologist but specialising in Ancient Egypt, cool right. 
Along came high school around so I chose History and Geography as GCSE's because I thought hey would help to apply for the related course in college. History came around and I was so very disappointed that we never learnt about the Egyptians, it was World War 2, Brighton through time and something about the American West. Boo. 
I was so sad that we didn't even touch on the Egyptians I went completely off the idea and lost interest in it totally, which made me very sad because it was all I could think about. 

I let that go and started thinking practically. I looked at my life and what I loved to do and what my current interests were and after a horrible time doing A levels, I changed college and went to an art based college where my passion for art was reborn if you will. 
I did Art&Design and got D*DD which oh my god I was ecstatic with. 
With this, I wanted to go to university to do fashion design so I could change the way the world see's plus size people, a big dream I know, but that was what I really wanted to do.

I took two years out of college after I finished that course because I wasn't ready for uni, mentally and physically I think.
I'm ready now, not for fashion but for fine art, this is where my heart really is, painting and sculpting and just expressing myself on canvas.
I have applied to specialise in painting, I think I have really found my style when it comes to creating, the two years I spent doing Art&Design really helped me with that. 
I have been experimenting with drawing and creating on my own and I think I'm finally there. 

If you follow my Instagram you'll get a good sense of what I do, essentially scribbles, but they're an extension of me, my thoughts and feelings, my brain and heart.
Currently I only draw on my iPad, which has literally changed my life btw, but I'm hoping to expand to canvas and more sketchbooks, I don't have the space to work on a large canvas for weeks and leave paints and art bits and bobs around the house so digitally will have to do for now. 

Something I really want to do this year is pushing my prints, I have put a few up on Etsy so far but I'd love to have more if not all of them available for you to buy or just look at!

Those are up for now, look at that amazing mock-up! Feedback on them would be great too.

Please be sure to link me to your Instagrams and Etsy shops if you have any. 

I think I'll stop here or this post will be miles long, thank you for reading, as always.

Hannah :) xo

January 1st.

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If you follow me on Twitter then you might have seen that I've hosted and participated in the #creativebloggers chat and community.
Lovely lovely human, Lauren Hay runs the whole deal and does a fab job of it, you can find her links here if you fancy saying hello! 


The #creativebloggers has an Instagram and Twitter page too.

The reason I'm talking about this is because this year I took part in a secret santa with other members of the community, a great idea right? So the lady who got me as their swap is Erin, again her links are here. 


She sent me over some lovely gifts, we had rules of at least one item had to be hand made, which made sense because it's the creative bloggers! And another was an item to the value of £3, fantastic. 

Erin gifted me one of her prints, gorgeous drawing and I love the loose style. 
Next up was a notebook and matching pens, there were some highlighters too but they're already on my desk and dummy me forgot to grab them for a photo! 
The card was very much appreciated, lovely note on the back.

Last but not least from Lauren, very generously she had these little wood laser cut ornaments made, how cute is this! I'm definitely going to treasure this one, I've not been part of an online community before so this is beyond amazing.

Thank you to Lauren for arranging the secret Santa and running the Cbloggers and thank you to Erin too for the gifts! 

Did you have a nice Christmas and New Year now I suppose! 

Thanks for popping in as always, 
Hannah :) xo

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