Peter Pan Panto!

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Hey hi hello!

If you've read any previous posts you'll know that I am part of the young adult carer group in my area, we gather for chats and go out for activities, bowling, food, shows. 
This month's activity was to see a pantomime! 
They're on every Christmas as a fun show for families to watch, this year it's Peter Pan, I love anything Pan as it is so I was quite excited to go. I managed to snap a few photos, a little blurry but that's down to the zoom and low light, can't be helped.

The overall story was great, lots of laughs and quite a few adult jokes. 
Hook kept falling out of character and it was hilarious, interaction with the audience was fab too. There was a part where they needed two recruits for their pirate gang and I was taken up to the stage! 

That was hilarious! I'm always up for a laugh. 

So obviously a big massive thanks to My Future Group for the outing, lovely to see friends and have a good time. 

Thanks for popping in, 
Hannah :) xo
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