Pain Management

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Hey hi hello! 

So if you follow me on Twitter, or have just read my blog before, you might be aware that I have some health issues, recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and a few other things that go along with it. 
I have been put forward for a rehabilitation course at Stanmore hospital, it's a three-week thing where every day I see a physiotherapist, occupational therapist and once a week a psychologist.

The sessions are group and 1-to-1, the latter are more personalised to you and your needs, what you, well, me, what I can do. I saw everyone and we just went over my daily activities and where I'm in pain.
I tried to take some photos of the hotel I'm staying in because I don't need 24/7 care to warrant staying in the hospital. All our meals are paid for which is quite nice and we finish the day at around 4:30pm so we can do what we want to do after, I either have a swim or take the time to binge watch something on Netflix. 

The food here is nice, breakfast is the standard sausages, eggs, beans, you know.
Lunch is provided as a buffet for us, yesterday we had chicken, wedges and salad bits and bobs.

A small selection of the foods, I have been meaning to take more photos but I'm quite hungry come dinner I just want to eat it! 

The bread is quite fancy, an olive oil and balsamic dipping, but the balsamic was in the shape of an M for the Mercure hotel, how exciting.
And as for the napkin, the food was taking a while so we searched some napkin folding tutorials on youtube and had a go! Not too bad. 

I cannot even with the corridors, oh my god. They are so long, so boring and do go on forever despite you being able to see the end, and on top of that, the carpet makes your eyes go all sorts of funny.

I'm going to try and get some photos of the pool to show that, if I can't get any then I suppose I'll just have to borrow some from the hotel website, that works too, you get the idea. 

Thanks for popping in, as always, hopefully there will be another post soon! 

Hannah :) xo
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