Extended Mark Making

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Hey hey! 
seen as I'm very much into posting my drawings at the moment, I thought I would put up some more that I've done, most of these aren't even on Instagram yet so you're getting a sneak peak! 

I have been enjoying more movement in my drawings, using the pencil brush for most of them and then overlapping various paint style brushes, also messing around with the layer options to change the overall colours. 
I'd like to think I did all of these on purpose with the same colour palette, but I'm pretty sure I didn't!

For the last one in this section, I overlapped the grid style brush on the coloured marks I had made, very happy with the results. 

The first yellow one here is a deconstructed bee. 
The second.. who even knows, I like it though! 

And these last two were done with my iPad in portrait mode for a change!

Do you like abstract drawings? Do you do any?
Please share your links! 

Thanks for popping in, as always, 
Hannah :) xo
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