Procreate - Blogtober #11

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We're talking art today! 
Like any other day, nothing new there, I just love it! 

So there's this app that I cannot stop talking about and tbh I'm quite disappointed in myself that it's taken this long to put it up on the blog, I had quick look back and I can't see that I've talked about it in-depth, maybe mentioned it quick but you're in for a treat! 

Okay so let's get the fancy stuff out of the way.

They also have a contest running at the moment so if anyone already uses this app, perfect time to get your art noticed.

This is what you see when you load up the app, well, you'll see your work not mine!
You can organise the images into folders too which is v handy when you have loads.
On the top right is where you start a new picture, so many options to choose from, preset sizes and you can make your own as well as import images from your camera roll.

Next up we have brush selection, you can tap on the brush that you want to use and then tap again to access so many more options and settings to change it to literally whatever you want.
Something I want to learn how to do, you can make your own brushes, which is awesome, so you'll never run out of textures and marks to make!

HM. Apologies for these being so big omg, if I made them any smaller you couldn't actually read anything :(

Onto brushes! 
There are little folders at the top of the brush selection where, until recently I didn't even know this, you can swipe across to show more!! magic.

Then over on the other side, top left corner you have even more settings, slightly overwhelming I know, but when you use this app daily or you know, a lot, you get use to where everything is pretty quickly.

Another super cool feature is the selection tool!
I cannot rave about this enough, I use it all the time in practically every drawing.

It's perfect when you use the layer feature too so you can arrange everything as it's going, fantastic.

So many places to save to, I love that you can send it directly to AirDrop as I will upload it to my blog, here, ha, anyway so it misses out the step of saving it to my camera roll then sending it, just a nice touch.

So to have a quick recap if you skipped all the photos;

Procreate is fab, would recommend, actually cannot recommend it enough.
It's not free, although I wouldn't expect it to be with a number of cool features you get with it, on the UK app store it costs £4.49 but in my honest opinion I would probably pay about £10 for something like this, I use it every single day without fail, all of my drawings on Instagram are made on this app and if you look through the # on insta for procreate, the images that people create are amazing.

One more fab feature is that you can record your screen, you can take a time-lapse of what you're drawing and export that afterwards if you want to share it anywhere.

Just a short one as I had to trim of the crap I did before, but you can see full videos on my Instagram for art that I have made before!


So I think that's about it, probably one of the longest posts I have written, again I apologise for the images being so large but it's either a large image that you can read or a smaller image with text you can't read... I think it's alright.

Thanks for popping in as usual, if you want to see more of what I have made on this app then please do go over to my Instagram and take a look at the colourfulness that is going on over there! 

Be sure to come back tomorrow for day 12 of blogtober! 
How exciting. 

Hannah :) xo

P.S - This post wasn't sponsored or affiliated with Procreate, I just wanted to share the app! 
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