Little Art Update

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I feel like my blog is turning much more creative, I share what I draw on Instagram first, of course, and then pop a few up on here to share and make them bigger to see more detail. 

I feel like maybe people who read my blog might not follow my Insta so you probably won't see things as I post them, I also have it linked in my sidebar if you fancy a scroll from there. 
Something exciting, though, I have made an online portfolio to put all my work in, I'll be uploading bits and bobs up here! 

I have added a link to the top of my blog too, where all the other links are, much easy.

That's about it today, do you follow my Instagram? You can keep up to date with all my drawings over there!

Thanks for reading, 
Hannah :) xo

Tell me something to draw!

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Hi hey hello!
It has been a while, what even happened to Blogtober???? I was v committed to putting a post up every day, even if it was super late, I did it for longer than I thought I would anyway! 
I had a bad reaction to something I ate, whether it was food poisoning or an allergic reaction, who even knows anymore, and that wiped me out for a good 3/4 days so I didn't want to do anything but sleep, my blog, my little space on the internet suffered because of this. 
Then because I was so far behind it got worse and I got even more behind and in the end I was like EH. So here I am today with some drawings, that's all I seem to do lately isn't it, I mean I do draw a lot so why not share them, this post is just going to be showing off this mini series I did, literally little shitty drawings that took me about 30 seconds each, just from looking around my living room and asking for random things to draw.

The end is quite a long way down, so have fun scrolling, I did try to minimize them in photoshop and I did also try putting them side by side, but if any of you use Blogger or have ever used Word.. well, you know how it goes, you move one image and the whole continent of Africa gets shifted 5 spaces over too. Bloody hell.

My god that's a lot of drawings, 42 if you didn't count them!
I congratulate you if you actually looked at all of them, which one is your favourite, or least favourite even, we're all entitled to our opinions.

More posts to follow very soon, I have more drawings that I've done, of course and there might be something slightly cool I want to talk about as well... HOW INTRIGUING. 

So, thanks for popping back and not abandoning me because I missed a few weeks, I AM HERE NOW HELLO :) :) :) 

Hannah xo

New Dress - Blogtober #13

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Hello people!
I spoke about a dress I got in yesterdays post, now I don't usually wear dresses, or skirts or shorts or anyting other than jeans really and the most you'll see of my legs are the ankles but even then you won't be able to see skin because I wear colourful socks!

I tried to get the dog to sit nicely with me, ham bribery didn't even work. 
So here's the dress!

I clearly don't know how to do photos, or just stand in general!
It's from Sainsburys, £18 which I think is a steal for something like this, I have been after some dungarees for aaaagggeeessss, and saw this by accident, it was on a hanger on it's own and the only one around, IN MY SIZE, obviously meant to be. 

Tadah look at me yay, the dog is just like wtf. 

I put some pins on it, does anyone recognise the face?? It's from a movie. 
For shoes I just wore these black chelsea boots I've had for like 3/4 years, from Tesco I think, and some frilly socks!

What's your opinion on dungarees? Adult child or yeah they're cool, I think they're fab, versatile and they work with everything.

Thanks for reading, as always,
Hannah :) xo
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