What is the point?

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One thing that really annoys me about blogging, is blogging. 

It's currently 10pm and I'm sitting here thinking what is the point. I love typing and I love sharing stuff, I think I love writing for my blog more than I love reading blogs, it's just a plus.

I have been blogging on and off for about 4/5 years and sometimes I wish I'd bloody stuck with it from the beginning, maybe I would be somewhere by now, but even so, what does that mean. Somewhere.

There are so many fantastic bloggers out there, people who have been doing it for 10+years and others who have only just started a week ago, everyone's blog is as good as the next.
Some post reviews, some post fashion, travel, beauty, life stories, a bit of everything.

I don't think I've found my blogging 'niche' yet, I talk about pretty much anything and everything, not too sure how far to go with some things as my mum reads my blog (hi mum!) I mean not that she gives a shit what I talk about, she knows everything anyway but eh, you know.

I love posting about my art but I feel like because I share it all over on my insta, people may not want to see the same things on my blog too? kinda like why read here if it's over there?

I want to talk about stuff I like, I have been totally obsessed with Skyrim recently, like, I have over 150 hours into it so far, I love it, but I really want to talk about why I love it and how I got into it.

I drew a thing.

I think I'm going to be overhauling my blog soon, I know people are like '' It's your blog your space, you do you! '' but then you have the thought in the back of your head like eh, who would want to read that.

I do, me writing it, hello, I care.
If I enjoy what I'm writing then that's enough for me, I'm not too fussed if it doesn't get as many views as my other posts or if no one comments or shares it, whatever.

My blog is like my online scrap book and diary if you like, I'm gonna put crap here, I'm gonna write a post about what I buy in Iceland, their £2 bag of 40 sausages is so fucking cool, they taste great and what a bargain!!

I don't want to fit into any category and I don't care if I never get brand collabs, my blog is mine and that's it really. 

I will continue to share my posts on twitter because why the fuck not, if anyone wants to read then THANKU. 

That's about it for chats this evening, my laptop is on 27% and I really wanna go play Skyrim omg.

Thank you for reading, or not reading, you do you too! 

Hannah :) xo



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Hey hi hello,
I really wanted to add some other photos to this post, we went to Drusillas a bit ago, a nice family day out.
I went there quite a few times with my mum when I was younger so I have lots of pictures of then, I wanted to compare the photos I took this time with the old ones, but somehow I have managed to misplace my photo album with them in!
I have no idea where it is, really annoying actually, I only looked at it recently too.
Anyway on to this post!
I might keep out the pictures and do a post later on with the old ones, that would make sense wouldn't it.

It's going to be a photo heavy post today, enjoy the cute animals!

It's an amazing family day out and so many activities to do, especially for smaller children.

Have you ever been?

Thanks for reading, 
Hannah :) xo



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Hey hi hello, it's been a while as always.

I have every intention of posting, but honestly I have no idea what to talk about, I suppose just general crap but then again what crap?
I don't do too much, don't really go anywhere exciting, I just draw (when I remember to charge my iPad) and play games on the consoles, I guess I could write about that! 

Blogging for me is just somewhere to share stuff, stuff I feel like typing about, I love typing though, probably one of my small talents is being able to type quite fast and sometimes even with my eyes closed!

I have been drawing a bit, some more busy pieces, just a big doodle really.

I just keep drawing until the page is full!

Have you been doing anything interesting, or even not so interesting lately?


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Hey hi hello, 
I just wanted to share this piece of software I've been using while writing blog posts and anything else on the internet!
I've included some screenshots of it working and the links to the website, very useful!

So the first thing I love that it does is underline when you have a problem, it show's when you have errors and lets you correct them via the help button at the bottom of the screen. 

Once you have been in the tab at the bottom you press everything that is shown as an error, be it spelling, grammatical or you've just used the wrong their, there, they're.

Another really cool thing is you can just hover over what you want to correct and it does it right there so you don't need to open the extra window, fantastic for quick fixes.

I'm dyslexic so spelling is not my strongest skill, I was always worried about putting posts out there and people commenting back saying I've spelt that wrong or used the wrong word, I've wanted to find something like this for a while but you always had to write up in the programme and then copy paste it to where you want it, but with this software it does it anywhere you're typing, even on twitter if it's in the browser. 

I don't remember how I came across the software but very glad I did.
I use the free version because I don't feel like I need much more from it, but I may upgrade!

Do you use any proofreading software or just rely on yourself?

Thanks for reading, as always,
Hannah :) xo


Pretty Ladies

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Hey hi hello!
Just a quick post today, I wanted to share some of the things I've been drawing lately. 
Very much into drawing ladies doing things!
I can see what I want to draw so clearly in my head but then translating that into a drawing doesn't always work properly so they end up looking like this.
I'm quite pleased with how these are coming out though, drawing the hair and patterns on clothes is my favourite part, the arms and legs, not so much!

I am working on a series at the moment, this is the first piece.
Fried Eggs. 
I might update as I draw more of these! 

Please feel free to pop over and follow my insta for new drawings and videos :)


and there's a link up top of my blog AND the tab in the sidebar, it's everywhere.

Thanks for reading as always, 
Hannah :) xo


Fibro What?

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Hey hi hello, 
Okay I have no idea where or how to start this post, I know I definitely want to share it because I share everything on here, plus I feel like writing stuff down really helps, even if there's no one else to read it! 

I suppose I should start from the beginning, I think I have mentioned in other posts, or at least one, that I have something going on with my back, hips, legs, whatever else, these pains started when I was about 7 I guess, I first noticed it. 
They passed but have progressively got worse as I've gotten older, too much to ignore!
So returning to the doctors, specialists, scans, blood tests, I was told I had mild scoliosis and hardly any liquid between the discs in my spine, that's what was causing the pain. 
Here's where it get's interesting.
Of course, I believed that because you know, doctors know what they're talking about, right?! I took the medication, I did the physio, I had every scan they wanted me to, and still nothing good was coming of it because I'm still in constant pain.
My mum pushed for me to be referred to Stanmore, Royal National Orthopedic Hospital, that's a mouthful, being referred there I have seen a specialist dealing with back conditions and pain.
I couldn't have been better received.
The specialist I was seeing requested for me to have some scans and blood tests done in May, and on Friday 9th September was my follow up appointment to discuss those.

In simple terms, the first thing she said to me was, ''there is nothing wrong with your back''


I was shocked, well what IS wrong with me then?!
She went on to explain the scans and ask a few more questions and eventually arrived at her point. 
She had a diagnosis for me, oh my god, the relief. For so many years I've just been stuck with the label of potential disc degeneration, I mean how do you even explain that to people who have never heard of it.

then because of these, chronic widespread pain too! 

I think I hit bingo on this one.
I was so happy to hear those words, obviously not happy that I've got them but I finally have a diagnosis which is fantastic! The number of doors this is going to open for me is amazing, I can potentially go to university, I can learn to drive, I can get a job! 
And with the prospect of reducing my pain through exercise is life changing.

So that's my life at the moment, I'm waiting for a letter to say I can go on a 3-week assessment at the hospital to see how I manage my pain, to help with techniques, exercises, basically to improve my quality of life, how exciting! 

Thanks for sticking around if you've read the lot, it was quite a long one! 
If you have any experience of any of these conditions I would love to know, I'm on the lookout for other bloggers that blog about them so I can get some more information for myself!

Hannah :) xo



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Hey hi hello, 
So I've been drawing, like always, nothing new there.
In college I remember some projects we had to do, drawing from life, landscapes, still life, naked people drawing, you know, the usual. 
In college you're meant to find your style and the way you do things, looking around I suppose everyone else either had already found their style or they were winging it, like me.
I draw different, I draw bad, honestly, I draw crap, and I'm totally okay with that. 

That's my style, how I express myself on paper or my iPad screen as it is now. 
I like to draw patterns and use lots of colour and abstract things that don't often resemble anything.

There was one project I remember, it was a self-portrait, I painted my shirt, which of course is the most garish colourful item of clothing you have ever seen, but for my face, I didn't feel confident drawing my face, my features or my piercings, anything really, I was a little worried about people thinking it was crap (more on this later) so what I decided to do was cover my hand in paint and plant a handprint over where my face should have been, I got around it because my fingerprint is my identity.. right..!!

Now I'm not saying the way I draw is revolutionary in any way, there are plenty of other artists that draw 'crap' but that's okay, it's their style, how they do things.
I don't think I have found my absolute style yet, still messing around with things and trying new ways of drawing the same face. 

But it will take as long as it takes, I thought I found it in college but then I kept drawing and realised that wasn't me either, I have tried to be inspired by other artists and things I see but nothing has stuck yet.

So, for now, I'm drawing like crap, and I like it. 

 The deal with people thinking my art is crap is a weird one, I'm one of these people that doesn't really give a shit about what people think about me or say, but before when it came to my art I was a little sensitive.
Through drawing with rough lines and not rubbing anything out, I have come to appreciate the way I create, be it a drawing, a paper cut out or whatever else I feel like making.
What I'm trying to get at is, draw how you want to draw! 
And this leads to something new I've started, I wanted a place to post junk.
on my Instagram at the moment, nylontast, I put up pretty much everything I draw and that's cool, but I wanted somewhere to post up the shit I didn't fancy putting there.

Thanks for reading, 
Hannah :) xo


Contact me!

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Hey hi hello, 
I've had a few people leave comments on my mums blog and email her saying that they can't comment on my blog. 
I have no idea why that is! 

I have accepted Google+ comments, anon comments, I even tried Disqus for a while but that didn't work out either, so I have installed a contact me form on the sidebar of my blog. 

If for some reason you can't leave a comment on a post, feel free to send me over a message on this form, all you have to do is put your name, so I know who you are, your email address so I can reply back if you'd like, and then the mesage, even if it's just a quick hello. 

Also yes, does it annoy anyone as much as it does me, it's not in the middle, omg I want to scream.

Does this help? I hope so. 

Thanks for reading, 
Hannah :) xo


Dream Desk?

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Hey hi hello, 
Since taking the desk out of my room, I've been looking at the empty space and just wishing I had something Pinterest worthy to fill it!
I thought I'd have a browse at a few pins for some inspiration I guess, but unlike the people who put their photos up, I don't have an endless budget, or good lighting or space. 
So here's some photos I've been lusting over. Yas.

I have added links to the photos as well, so if you fancy seeing who took them or where the  original photo is from, you can do that yay.

Here's a link to my desk inspo board if you fancy following whatever else I might be interested in, who knows.

I would like to mention something, desk chairs, who's with me on this.
The chairs in these photos, maybe the last grey coloured one, they seem so uncomfortable. 
Now I don't know about you (I'm feeling 22) but I spend a considerable amount of time at my desk or table, I'm not sure those chairs would be very practical at all. 

And like any decent human being, keeping my desk tidy wouldn't be my top priority but it would definitely be up there. 
It might look Pinterest worthy maybe the first day, but then after that, please never look at it again. I think a desk should be well lived in, it's your place to get everything or nothing done, so you know where everything is, that random washi tape everyone thought you'd lost, nope! It's in the second draw down, back left corner, under that notebook you bought 6 months ago and haven't used because it's too pretty. 

Do you have a Pinterest desk?
Or just a 'normal' desk?

Thanks for reading, 
Hannah :) xo

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