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Hi hey hello, 
So I have been quite open before about stuff that goes on with my life, I did a post a while ago about my back, family stuff, you know. 
I wanted to talk about something that has happened recently, my body has just decided to not like dairy anymore? 
I mean?
Literally out of nowhere, you could even say it happened overnight, I went to eat some cheese, and nope, it doesn't agree with me anymore, I will spare you the gory details but I'm sure you can imagine. 

I love cheese, like, I would put it on everything and anything, even if it already had cheese in it, more cheese, please. 
But now, I've had to go cold turkey on it all, I can't have anything dairy related, cheese, milk, milk protein??? what even is that.

You think oh yeah it's just cutting out cheese and milk, NOPE, I have been shocked and quite disappointed at the amount of food and drinks that actually contain milk/lactose/dairy. Going out is a bloody nightmare, having to ask for the allergen menu and watching staff fumble around is quite amusing, but what's not funny is when the only option on the whole menu is a bowl of chips!

I know there are thousands, millions of people that have this allergy/intolerance way worse than I do, I mean I'm not going to die if I eat anything containing dairy but it certainly does feel like it for a few days.

I am lucky that I like soy milk because the rest of them, coconut, almond, hazelnut, rice, oat.. just no. 
I have found something called A2 Milk, which is different from regular milk due to the way the proteins are separated, I can drink this no problem, and the plus is that it tastes exactly like regular skimmed milk so that's fab.
The price of dairy free foods. I think I will go into that another time, I could write for days about that! 

Some more information on dairy allergies/intolerances -

One thing that has been annoying me quite a bit though is people who don't actually have an allergy or intolerance and saying they do ...

I'm not trying to offend anyone here, it's just my opinion and I'll try and get my words out a nicely as possible!!
But when I go to a cafe or restaurant I expect to be able to say I have a severe allergy and not get home and be ill. 
If the waiters, chefs, whoever, don't take me seriously, it doesn't end very well for me, there have been places I have gone in to eat and left because they didn't have an allergen menu or weren't prepared to wash everything before they cooked my food. 

The people who say they have the allergy/intolerance and don't, just makes it a whole lot harder for the people who actually do, if you accidentally eat cheese, you're going to be fine, hell, you probably wouldn't even notice.
It's not something to be taken lightly.

Yes there are alternatives to foods and the special 'free from' section in bigger stores, but I have found the dairy replacement, especially cheese, doesn't always taste that good.
Also if something says it's gluten free, wheat free, egg free. I've hit the jackpot! Oh, wait.. it has dairy. Darn. 

I like to torture myself and pick up products that I know will have dairy in, I have wishful thinking! 

Okay slight update from when I typed this up before, I thought I would do an experiment and order a pizza, and surprisingly enough it had no effect on me????
I am just as confused as anyone.
I have been slowly re-introducing dairy related products into what I'm eating/drinking, some things seem to be making me sick.
I'm at a loss as to what to do about this, I suppose it's pretty much just hit and miss with foods now!

I guess I'll keep posting, different foods I try and what not.

Thanks for reading, bit of a lengthy one.
Do you suffer from any food intolerances/allergies? I'd love to hear your experiences! 

Hannah :) xo

Scarf or Blanket?

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Hey hi hello, 

Around this time for the past few years I have bought a scarf to see me through autumn and winter, my last ones have been from Asos, so I thought I would keep up the tradition and get another one this year from there. 

The way I like my scarves are like blankets, it's more acceptable to wear a hella oversized scarf wrapped around you like a blanket than an actual blanket. 

Although I did recently buy this blanket from Ikea, which, if wrapped correctly, could pass for a scarf, I'm up for that. 

I thought I would just show a few of my favourites on Asos at the moment, I'm not too sure which one I'm going to invest in just yet but I will be sure to update when I do. 

ASOS Oversized Scarf With Tassels In Herringbone Geo £18.00

Do you have a favourite here? Or just a scarf that you love to wear?

Thanks for popping in, 
Hannah :) xo


So, Bloggers?

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Hey hi hello, so we're all trawling the internet in search of the next big thing, I'm exactly the same, I often find myself googling 'small bloggers' 'new bloggers' 'lifestyle bloggers' 'any bloggers that are posting real content!'

Not saying that the famous, popular bloggers don't post real content, but I would love to just have a sit with a cuppa and read about your day out with your family with photos, I think the photos are the best bit. 
Bloggers who write lists about their favourite blogs to read are very much on my radar lately so I thought I would do my own. 
This is where I find my inspiration, people just starting out and still very innocent in terms of the blogging community, they're writing for them and maybe their mum or best friend who reads every post they put up as soon as they press publish. 

I'm very much for rambling on about nothing and everything so that's what I look for when I fancy a good few hours reading. 

So I'm going to share some blogs I have been loading up every day to see in anticipation if they've put up something new for me to read, well not just me, but you get the picture. 

Hiya! I'm Nicole Marie and I run the blog 'ThriftyVintageFashion' Where you can expect to see lots of tips and advice to help you on your way. I love photography and writing. I also may have a slight unhealthy addiction to Harry Potter!


Hello! I'm Charlotte, an 18 year old Fashion Communication and Promotion student with a love of cats, baking and blogging! I hope you enjoy my little piece of the internet!


Hello! I'm Hayley, a 21 year old Surface Pattern student currently living in Leeds.



nettle&blackberry is a UK lifestyle blog, written and curated by Imii, a 21 year old student. 
Formerly based in Paris, now based in London and the North East, n&b is a chance to explore the world around and record the beauty in the mundanity of every day life.



Vix is your blogger best bud. Want someone you can chat to about your woes? Drop her an email or a DM and you might find your answers appear in a Vix's Fixes - her 'ADVICE' column. Want a giggle? Read her '10 THINGS' posts. Want to find out what's on her mind? Her 'MUSINGS' are subjects she's been thinking about lately.
Whatever you need, Vix is here.

19 / UK / half hearted artist / creative lifestyle blogger / hands behind @lazypencilco


So there we have it, some of my go to reads at the moment, I think I'll do one of these every month just to share who I've loved reading. 
Are you following any of these blogs already, if not then maybe do! 

Thank's for reading as always,
Hannah :) xo


Life With Glasses

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I've wanted to talk about glasses for a while, I've just been gathering ammunition for the post! 
Now anyone who has glasses will hopefully understand what I'm going to be rambling on about, I have tried contact lenses but I can't get on with them at all, and anyway, I feel like my glasses are a very big part of me now, I definitely don't feel like myself when I don't wear them.
The first thing I want to mention is water in general, this includes rain, swimming, being in the shower, even brushing your teeth. 
Being in the shower is the worst one for me, I'm lucky that I enjoy having colder showers but if there's even the tiniest bit of steam then I'm left blind, but if I take them off, I'm also blind! You try shaving your legs without glasses and not slice them open.

Swimming is a pain too, I go swimming pretty much every evening, I have tried not wearing them while in the pool but I literally cannot see a thing, not the clock to see how long it is until the gym closes, not other swimmers until I'm practically about to hit them, so I pretty much just hug the side of the pool or settle for water splotches in my eyes.
Second is makeup. 
I don't often wear make up, the main thing that puts me off is my glasses though. 
I spend a good while making my eyelids a very nice blended gradient of colour, maybe even a bit of eyeliner only for it to be completely hidden behind my lenses. 
Like I said, I love my glasses but I would also love for people to be able to see the shimmery beacon that is coming from my lids. 
Third issue is the glasses..
Okay yes, you know I love them, you know they're a part of who I am, they're like my thing, I used a purple glasses icon on my business cards in college, it's kinda my signature. 
I'm very fortunate to have the glasses I do, as they weren't cheap, they're also the mens version of the womens ones I didn't like, so there's that.
But there comes a day when you're not seeing things like you use to so you book yourself in for an eye test only to be told you need new lenses, so comes the dilemma of having to choose new glasses or stick with the ones you now consider your children.
I feel like I'm talking about my glasses like they are my babies, but anyone who wears glasses on a daily basis, I hope, will understand what I mean, you get rather attached to them! 
You take your eyes for granted and when you leave them off your face for longer than you need to, you realise just how much you need them, I doubt I would even be able to leave my bedroom safely without them, I am very blind.
I've had these glasses for almost 4 years and I am very attached to them, I don't think I'll be changing them until they break!

Are you as attached to your glasses as I am?
And do you think you would have your eyes corrected so you wouldn't have to wear them again, or not?

Thanks for reading as always, 
Hannah :) xo


Oldies But Goodies

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Hi hey hello.
Today I wanted to talk about TV, specifically TV shows I use to what when I was younger, I don't remember being into many shows when I was very little but certainly from the age about 9/10 I was obsessed with a good few. 
All of these photos have been plucked from google after I sat there for a good 10 minutes trying to remember all the names! 
This first one, Dinosaurs, actually quite terrifying looking at it now, this was a bit before my time but there were reruns on tv and I think I had some on VHS.
The description says ; Dinosaurs follows the life of a family of dinosaurs, living in a modern world. They have TVs, fridges, etc. The only humans around are cavemen, who are viewed as pets and wild animals.


Next up is The Magic School Bus, I use to watch this religiously, Ms.Frizzle was my favourite, I always wanted a dress like hers.
The description for this; An eccentric school-teacher takes her class on wondrous educational field trips with the help of a magical school bus.
This was a very educational programme, especially for a kids programme, I think I remember more from watching this than I do from school.


Out of the Box was probably my favourite TV show, it was completely art based, the presenters use to make themed craft projects and do quizzes, it was such a fun show to watch. 
The description for this; A group of kids and their two caregivers have built a cool clubhouse out of giant boxes. That's where they meet for music, play and special activities that kids can do at home.
I would always sing along to the intro song and be fascinated how they would make a fort out of cardboard boxes and then go inside and it was a full house! 


I remember this one quite well, Animals of Farthing Wood, I think there was books too, I definitely have it on VHS, I loved shows about animals, even though I think some the scenes were quite sad and violent for young children, but it was a fantastic show.
The description for this one; A group of wild animal friends are forced to move to a park after humans drive them away from their old home.

I have plenty more shows I use to watch, maybe I'll do another post.
Did you use to watch any of these, or do your children?

Thanks for popping in, 
Hannah :) xo



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Hey hello! 
My giveaway ended today and I have chosen a winner!
I did it randomly so fair is fair, I videoed it so it's all good, 

Apologies for how blurry it is, no idea why it's done that, I've rendered and saved it about 5 times and changed the dimensions, hopefully you can see what's going on! 

Anyway, the winner is 
+Amy Jo McLellan
If you see this then please send me an email or just leave a comment on the bottom of this post and we can arrange your prize!

Thank you everyone who participated, keep your eyes peeled for more giveaways coming up.

Thanks for following, reading, interacting, 
Hannah :) xo


Things That Make Me Smile

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Thought I would share a little positivity today with a few, well, 30 things that make me smile or make me happy :)

1. Ice tea, literally, I love it.
2- Tea in general actually.
3. Seeing dogs pretty much anywhere.
4. Drawing, either on my iPad, paper wherever.
5. Beef jerky oh my god.
6. Disney, anything Disney related, movies are fab.
7. Going to the cinema, this is definitely one of my favourite things to do. 
8. Playing those completely pointless tapping games, very addictive. 
9. Swimming, I swear I'm part fish. 
10. There's this face m'lady does that she calls her turtle face, that. 
11. Long car journeys to interesting places. 
12. IKEA. That is all. 
13. Writing stuff for my blog actually, very enjoyable. 
14. Baking cakes because I know I get to eat them afterwards. 
15. A guilty pleasure of mine is very bassy music, louder the better. 
16. Taking photos, for my blog, insta or just to keep in a folder and never look at again. 
17. Cochem in Germany, our regular holiday destination. 
18. Learning, learning something new makes me very happy.
19. Intsagram, I love interacting with people on there and finding new photos to like.
20. Shaving my head, I think I'll do a whole post on this soon. 
21. Sushi, all the sushi.
22. Family days out make me v happy.
23. Watching crappy documentaries about anything. 
24. Tattoos, piercings come under the same number because they're both happy pain.
25. Games, minecraft, sims, animal crossing, calm games. 
26. Wearing funky coloured or patterned socks. 
27. Kpop music, very into that, much enjoy.
28. People saying please and thank you, manners cost nothing. 
29. Smiling at people in the street, and especially when they smile back. 
30. Waving at public service workers, bin men, police, bus drivers, very fun. 

Do you have any things in particular that make you smile or happy?
Please do share them.

Thanks for reading as always, 
Hannah :) xo

So, Instagram?

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Hey hi hello heya, 
So.. so.. a lot of my sentences start with the word so. 
I thought I would make a series if you will, I have already done So, Pinterest? which was about my boards seen as I'm actually starting to take a real interest in it.

I'm going to be sharing some of my favourite insta's, the people who I have notifications turned ON for so I don't miss a post. 


Like before, do you follow any of these fabulous people? If not then deffo do! 

Thanks for reading as always,
Hannah :) xo

Coffee & Games

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Hello hi hey, so the other day m'lady and I got on the bus and went to tesco, just for a coffee, my favourite Costa is located there so the trip was essential. 
We took our DS's, loaded with Animal Crossing of course, soy caramel large cappuccino and a small hot chocolate, no cream or marshmallows ordered we were set for the next few hours.
 The barista behind the counter is Peter, he is probably the main reason we always go to this Costa, he's beyond friendly and always up for a chat about pretty much anything, he makes the 'coffee shop experience' very much enjoyable. 
I believe he said he was leaving soon, so that means we'll have to find another coffee shop to frequent!

Also, the last photo, featuring the nicest muffins, due to recently discovering I cant have anything with dairy in, I just thought I would take the photo to torture myself :) :) :)


Afternoon BBQ.

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Hi hey hello.
Just a few photos today, nothing terribly interesting, just popped over my grandparents house for an afternoon BBQ
And of course what would any blog post from me now be without a few photos of Lancelot at the end!

Thanks for dropping in,
Hannah :) xo 

P.S.. a quick note!
My giveaway, which you can find the post HERE, is still open! 
It ends on Friday 19th August, all you have to do is follow this blog and BAM you're entered to win one of my cards over on my little Etsy shop!

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