The Plant Room.

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When my lady and I ventured over to Brighton we found this little cafe in the corner of the Lanes, the first time we went past it was closed so we went back the next day and I'm glad we did. 
Very quaint and personal, plants everywhere, obviously, and vegan!
There was a shop attached to the side but we spend our time drinking espresso and green tea, I definitely want to go back and have a look around the shop though.

The staff were beyond friendly and very accommodating to any request I had, almost felt like you were meeting friends for coffee, they also had an outside seating area next to the dolphin fountain, it'd be lovely on a sunny day with an iced latte!

I just wish I'd taken a photo of my teapot, it looked like one of the jugs you'd have in science class.

I'd definitely recommend this little nook, here's a link to the website for more information and I'll link their twitter if you want to say hi! 

If you follow me on instagram you may recognise some of these photos, I drew them up as line drawings.

Have you been here?

Thanks for reading,
Hannah :) xo
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