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Hey hi hello! 

A break from the 100daysofthecolourpink, I feel like I'm a day behind as well so that's fantastic.
I've been looking at ways to get inspired by the things around me and I thought why not turn to Pinterest, so I've been taking photos from there, credit where due of course, and eyedropping the colours to make a picture based off that. 

So here's some that I've done to see if it's a good idea.

I've added links to the pictures so you can see the original post on Pinterest.

I'm enjoying doing this so I think I'll carry on, and always you can follow up to day posts on my instagram which you can find in the side bar :)

Thanks as always for reading,
Hannah :) xo


#the100dayproject Days 22 - 28

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Hello again, two posts in one day so I can catch up with the100dayproject!

In the middle of this week was my birthday, so one of the pictures may not fit with the rest but luckily my cake was pink!

Day 22.

Day 23.

Day 24.

 Day 25.

 Day 26.

 Day 27.

 Day 28.

There we go, all caught up.

Thanks for reading,
Hannah :) xo


#the100dayproject Days 15 - 21

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Hello hello, a small update before we start the weeks round up.

Now I'm sure I've mentioned in previous posts that my laptop was practically dead, I had to plug in an external keyboard and I could have quite easily gone for a shower and made dinner by the time photos had uploaded to Blogger so..
I got a new one! 

First post from the new laptop hello! 
I am pleased to say that the keyboard all works and pictures upload in a flash.

Onto this weeks pink pictures.

Day 15.

Day 16.

Day 17.

Day 18.

Day 19.

Day 20.

Day 21.

Stay tuned for next weeks!

Thanks for reading as always,
Hannah :) xo

#the100dayproject Days 8 - 14

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Hi hello again.

Another week has gone past so here is a summary of days 8 - 14 of #100daysofthecolourpink.

Day 8.

Day 9.

Day 10.

Day 11.

Day 12.

Day 13.

Day 14.

Well I failed at making them all square didn't I..

As always you can follow my progress which I'm updating daily on instagram, the link is in the sidebar.

Thanks for reading,

Hannah :) xo
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