Tsum Tsums!

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Okay hello!

It's been a while, as usual, but we know that coming here isn't a regular thing, but today I wanted to share something that I I have been completely obsessed with recently and that is Tsum Tsums.

Now if you've been anywhere near a Toys'r'us, Clintons or of course Disney Store, then you would have seen this little stubby adorable Disney characters, they're released in sets of the movies so to name a few there is already the Lion King, Little Mermaid, Peter Pan and the list goes on.

My female is the one who gets them for me so I could say that she has the obsession!
I just wanted to show off the Toy Story ones today and maybe do more posts on the others once I have the completed sets as trying to find them all in one place in the UK is a nightmare.. any US readers care to help out ha!

So here are the first 6, in order we have Woody, Bullseye, Jessie, The Prospector, Buzz and the little Alien.
The little details on all of them is incredible, for such a small toy there's a lot crammed in there, they're packed with stuffing and beads to give a bit of weight and the base can be used as a phone screen cleaner!

These are my favorite from the whole set which is why I thought they needed their own photo strip, first we have the Lotso bear and it would have been awesome if he actually smelt like strawberries but I can appreciate how difficult that would be! 
Next up is the PeaPod, now come on, how can you not love their little faces, slightly annoying that the Tsum is orientated to the side but it's to be expected.
Last is Ham, uh, just look at it, he even has a heavy stitched line on the top of him for the coin slot, how can you not love that.

I do wish that they had added Slinky the dog or at least Rex but there may be more released later on.
All of the Tsums have the big cardboard tag saying the name and bar code but then it will have a little holographic sticker to prove that it's the real deal, if you don't have that on your tag then you may want to double check from where you bought it!

With anything collectible they come at a price, from experience it works out cheaper buying them directly from the Disney Store at £3 each for the mini ones (which is what I have here) and from Clintons they're £3.50 although there is a deal on at the minute in the UK where if you spend over £5 you get one free.
So there's my first set, I may just do a post on all the ones I have and then update individual ones as they're completed.

This turned out to be a longer post than I had planned so thank you for reading and HELLO if you made it this far ha.

Hannah :) xo
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