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So I'm having a sit down after hoovering the floor and hanging some washing out, in quite a bit of discomfort might I add, my brain suddenly remembered this photo I took quite a while ago when I was on the bus. 
Now this little sticker says a lot doesn't it.
The word that sticks out particularly to me is 'OR', yes while for the most part people would assume that because you're elderly, you also are the owner of a disability, but there you would be mistaken.
Whenever I take the bus, which I admit is rather often, I always take this seat if it's free, due to my back issues I need more space for my legs/knees to be outstretched and this chair is perfect for that and with a row of seats in front of it, I'm at no risk of being flung down the aisle of the bus if it does come to an abrupt halt.

Being only 20, I do get some funny looks sitting here which I can only assume leads to thoughts like ''she can't be disabled, she's young'' or ''look at that youth taking up a space she doesn't need'' ...

While no one has said anything to me yet, if they were to say that I don't look disabled I do have a defensive comeback planned out in my head ready to attack, ''How do you know I'm not????????'' and then turn my head sharply to look out of the window.

Although it does seem like this plan would go better in my head than if I actually said it, but the sentiment is there.

So the point I'm trying to make is that if you see someone sitting in the designated disabled area, maybe don't assume because you can't see what's wrong with them, that they're fine.

Thanks for reading as always :)
Hannah xo

P.S while I'm at it, I have made the font LARGE for this post to see what it looks like, because I was struggling to read my own posts ha!
Feedback would be appreciated.
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