Peter Pan Panto!

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Hey hi hello!

If you've read any previous posts you'll know that I am part of the young adult carer group in my area, we gather for chats and go out for activities, bowling, food, shows. 
This month's activity was to see a pantomime! 
They're on every Christmas as a fun show for families to watch, this year it's Peter Pan, I love anything Pan as it is so I was quite excited to go. I managed to snap a few photos, a little blurry but that's down to the zoom and low light, can't be helped.

The overall story was great, lots of laughs and quite a few adult jokes. 
Hook kept falling out of character and it was hilarious, interaction with the audience was fab too. There was a part where they needed two recruits for their pirate gang and I was taken up to the stage! 

That was hilarious! I'm always up for a laugh. 

So obviously a big massive thanks to My Future Group for the outing, lovely to see friends and have a good time. 

Thanks for popping in, 
Hannah :) xo

Extended Mark Making

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Hey hey! 
seen as I'm very much into posting my drawings at the moment, I thought I would put up some more that I've done, most of these aren't even on Instagram yet so you're getting a sneak peak! 

I have been enjoying more movement in my drawings, using the pencil brush for most of them and then overlapping various paint style brushes, also messing around with the layer options to change the overall colours. 
I'd like to think I did all of these on purpose with the same colour palette, but I'm pretty sure I didn't!

For the last one in this section, I overlapped the grid style brush on the coloured marks I had made, very happy with the results. 

The first yellow one here is a deconstructed bee. 
The second.. who even knows, I like it though! 

And these last two were done with my iPad in portrait mode for a change!

Do you like abstract drawings? Do you do any?
Please share your links! 

Thanks for popping in, as always, 
Hannah :) xo

Thoughtful Drawing

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Hello again! 
Two posts in one day, aren't you lucky. I just really wanted to share more of the art I have been doing, especially if you don't follow me over on my Instagram then this is the best place to see it, much bigger images! With everything that we have been doing my mind has been going all over the place so drawing is my way of letting out my thoughts. 
These are a little more expressive than some of the things I have been doing more recently, although when I use to draw waaay back when I got my first iPad I would draw all the time, painting mostly on the apps that I had then. 
Upgrading to the iPad pro it has allowed me to be more expressive with what I'm doing and making I feel anyway. 
With the Apple Pencil, the limitations are endless really, being able to put it on an angle and have a wider brush, press lightly and barely be able to see anything but especially for hand lettering the pressure sensitivity is fantastic. 

These are some of the drawings that I have come up with after listening to the talks we've had on pain management, pacing, relaxation, just my interpretation of the talks. 

Do you draw to let out thoughts and emotions? Be nice to have some insta or profile links if you do! 

Thanks for popping in, as always, 

Hannah :) xo

Lines upon lines

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Hey hello!

I have been drawing a lot since I've been on this course, have a nosey at my last post if you're confused! There's quite a bit of sitting and waiting for your next session, if it's only like 20 minutes I don't see the point of going back to the room to come back again!

So I have been faffing around with some other drawing apps that I have and a new one that I was rather excited about because I had tried the free version but could never get on with it but still wanting to try the full versions features.
Tayasui Sketches Pro was free on the app store this week so I snapped that up! Fantastic, I mean I probably would have bought it if I could have tried it first, it's so annoying that they don't let you do that, yeah the lite version but it's not an accurate representation of what the paid app will be like.

So with this app there is a feature that makes any line you draw a straight line, so you can draw continuously and they will all be straight.
So I draw the outline in this app and then go over to my trusty Procreate where I can colour it in and edit it with layers.
These are the finished images, I'm thinking of doing some more to make them all link together somehow but these are done!

They remind me a little of the Etch-A-Sketch you had as a kid where all you could do was lines.

What do you think? Any opinions at all!

Thanks for popping in, as always,

Hannah :) xo

Pain Management

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Hey hi hello! 

So if you follow me on Twitter, or have just read my blog before, you might be aware that I have some health issues, recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and a few other things that go along with it. 
I have been put forward for a rehabilitation course at Stanmore hospital, it's a three-week thing where every day I see a physiotherapist, occupational therapist and once a week a psychologist.

The sessions are group and 1-to-1, the latter are more personalised to you and your needs, what you, well, me, what I can do. I saw everyone and we just went over my daily activities and where I'm in pain.
I tried to take some photos of the hotel I'm staying in because I don't need 24/7 care to warrant staying in the hospital. All our meals are paid for which is quite nice and we finish the day at around 4:30pm so we can do what we want to do after, I either have a swim or take the time to binge watch something on Netflix. 

The food here is nice, breakfast is the standard sausages, eggs, beans, you know.
Lunch is provided as a buffet for us, yesterday we had chicken, wedges and salad bits and bobs.

A small selection of the foods, I have been meaning to take more photos but I'm quite hungry come dinner I just want to eat it! 

The bread is quite fancy, an olive oil and balsamic dipping, but the balsamic was in the shape of an M for the Mercure hotel, how exciting.
And as for the napkin, the food was taking a while so we searched some napkin folding tutorials on youtube and had a go! Not too bad. 

I cannot even with the corridors, oh my god. They are so long, so boring and do go on forever despite you being able to see the end, and on top of that, the carpet makes your eyes go all sorts of funny.

I'm going to try and get some photos of the pool to show that, if I can't get any then I suppose I'll just have to borrow some from the hotel website, that works too, you get the idea. 

Thanks for popping in, as always, hopefully there will be another post soon! 

Hannah :) xo

Bags Of Love

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Hey hi hello!

Today is an interesting one, I was in touch with a brand called Bags Of Love.
They offer a range of personalisation services, pillows, clothes, mugs, fabric, anything really!
I made a photo blanket with one of my drawings, which I'm sure you have seen at least one of them if you read here or follow me on my Instagram

This is my final design, a mash together of some people I had previously drawn and then coloured with a background added, I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.
I took some photos of the blanket so I'll show those first and then get on to the 'review' if you will!

Pretty right!
Very very happy with the quality, I was worried at first of how the quality of the print would be due to me drawing it on my iPad, I wasn't sure if it was going to be pixellated or not, but it turned out okay as you can see!
The actual blanket is fleece, now again I am really funny with textures so I'm very glad I like the feeling of it, so soft.

Even the dog loves it!

So to recap, the photo blanket is the medium landscape size and it takes up half of a double bed, the material is a very very soft fleece, you can choose what backing colour you want, pink, blue, cream, black or even more photos, I chose pink because I felt it would compliment the colours on the front.

Delivery was fast, 2-3 days like they say on the website.
Overall 9/10

I'm taking away a point because I feel the packaging could have been a little 'more', it came in a grey parcel bag, once opened it was just folded up inside a clear plastic bag with the paper leaflets inside.

Thanks to Bags Of Love for collaborating with me on this project!

* The item in this blog post was sent to me free of charge in return for a review, all comments are 100% honest and my own*

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