Adult colouring books?

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I wanted to chat about colouring, not just Disney characters or faintly drawn landscapes, I mean the intricately drawn symmetrical pages that you just get pulled into to discover every little detail. 
Specifically the three that have peaked my interest by Johanna Basford; Lost Ocean, Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest.

I always liked colouring, I'd try and stay as neatly inside the lines as possible but there would be that one slip that and I'd feel the whole picture was ruined so I never finished any of them, although now I have been drawing more on my ipad and in sketchbooks I have realised that if something goes outside the lines it isn't always a bad thing!

So I think I will be uploading at least one post a week on what I have been colouring and drawing, not only for some regular reading but also to prompt me to actually finish a picture! 

Have you been tempted to rekindle your love for colouring or maybe just fancy a new hobby, most of the 'adult' colouring books are being marketed as stress relievers and a way to relax, which I agree with as I often get lost inside a picture for a few hours at least.

Thanks for reading as always.
Hannah :) xo
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