Morning, afternoon and good evening.
So couple of weeks ago we went up to Highdown Gardens, which is a really quaint nature walk down in Ferring.
It's well hidden from the road so unless you know it's there, you'd never find it.
I snapped a few pictures of the flowers before they all close for winter while mum and Jon had drinks in the cafe.

Luckily the weather stayed nice and warm, actually it was difficult to find shade or even a breeze that day!
The back end of the gardens leads onto the Downs where you can see most of Worthing on a particularly clear day.
I definitely recommend a walk up there if you're passing, its a lovely place to go for a picnic as I came across a few families doing just that, some people even did photo shoots and wedding ceremonies.

Just a short one today, thanks for reading as always.

Hannah :) xo


Hello hello.

So yesterday the female and I went up to London, although it was very wet and windy, enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.
Not many pictures were taken due to the rain but I snapped a few. 

I was instructed by my mother to go to Liberty's and find her some fabric as she is really into patchwork at the moment.
I picked out two lovely ones and got her a paper bag, she was over the moon.
It really is the little things, you can pop over to her blog to see what the fabrics are if you fancy :)

Looking for somewhere to eat I noticed a fluorescent sign in a steamed up window and it was for Bubba Gumps Shrimp Co., now anyone who has seen Forrest Gump will be with me on this one, how, freaking, cool.
Walking in it just looks like a gift shop but upstairs is the restaurant, which was massive and the overwhelming smell of shrimp, which, thank god, you got use to after about 5 minutes.
We ordered a selection of shrimp cooked different ways so we could try a bit of everything.
The service is very good, you'd expect it to be a tad pricey due to it being London and such a novelty place to eat. 

 We then decided venture to the Tate as that is one of my favourite places in London.. although on the day we went, of course it closed at 6PM, now what a stupid time, you'd think with London being such a busy place anyway that it would stay open late more than just two nights a week, we weren't the only ones standing outside looking confused.

Although we did spend a bit of time in Hamleys, Catarina is a massive child so that was heaven for her.
On and off buses thanks to the travel cards, even though one had a problem with the doors and we had to stand out in the rain for 10 minutes while the driver fixed it!

All in all a very good day, there was still so much to do but next time we will go when it's not raining I think.

Thanks for reading.
Hannah :) xo
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