The Display Cabinet.

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One of the main things that I asked for for my birthday was a display cabinet, you know the ones, serious collectors have them, with the spot light at the top, a mirror in the back so you can see all sides of the pieces you've housed inside and glass double doors, quite specific.
But this year Jon found me one exactly like this, we had to build it ourselves, which I'm not going to lie, was bloody hard, but the end result is brilliant.

As well as the cabinet my parents and best friend started me off with some figures to put inside it and that's what I'm showing today, I have always been a massive fan of anything Disney related and have wanted something to keep relating to my favourite movies rather than just a few DVDS.

These figures are part of the Disney Traditions collection by Jim Shore, each piece is hand crafted to make it look like they're made from carved wood, which I think is what I love so much about them.

The patterns and design carved from them are so pretty, especially on the Cheshire Cat, I love how they're all not completely perfect or painted exactly between the lines, I think that is why I love these more than the ceramic versions you can find.
This Mickey Mouse was from my friend Siobhan, I didn't notice at first but it's actually for my birth month of May with the matching stone and flower!

The Cinderella piece is a bit bigger than the others but again being one of my top Disney movies of course it's in there, the design on it is beautiful and it's not too weighty either.

The Cheshire Cat.

I have included some links there if you'd like a look at some of the other ones there are, as for the Mickey figures I believe that you can get any month.

So a massive thank you to my parents and Siobhan for these, I hope to be filling the cabinet up with plenty more!

What is your favourite Disney movie or character? :)

Thanks for reading.
Hannah :) xo

Day at Ikea.

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Yesterday I went to Ikea with a friend, Monday being a bank holiday I was a little worried about how busy it would be, when we arrived the car park had 0 spaces on every level so we just went straight to the top and stalked a couple until they eventually decided to leave!

I am enjoying making my posts more photo heavy so I have chosen a few of my favorites :)

 It involved a lot of messing around, probably being too loud and irritating other shoppers but a very good day nonetheless.
The last two pictures are of bedsheets I picked up there, just some coloured crossed lines, I like how they fit with the art that I have been putting on my walls.
Also the poster, 3rd from the end, I got that too as it jumped out at me, there were about 10 posters in total but I loved this one the most.

I love Ikea, most definitely my happy place, even if you go with no intention of buying anything, it's a lovely place to walk around for inspiration or just a wander :)

Thank you for reading.

Hannah :) xo

First Car Boot.

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So last weekend I went to the first car boot sale of 2015 and it was lovely, I didn't take my purse this time, only my camera.
I love going to boots even just to look around at the ridiculous items people are trying to get rid of for low low prices! 
The weather was warm, hardly any breeze which made walking up and down the aisles a little difficult but still enjoyable. 

Books are something you always see a lot of, childrens, adults, my nan is always on the hunt for extremely rare ones she hasn't read yet.
I particularly liked this massive pile of cutlery and the random violin? 
The tradition of car boots is that for breakfast I always have a cheese dog, what a wonderful start to the day at 9am! 
This stall caught my eye as it was full of kids toys, children being made to sell their beloved dinosaurs and TY animals to earn a bit of pocket money, I always found it hard to part with my toys and found a way to smuggle them back to the car haha 
In my area of the south, Roundstone is definitely one of the most popular boot destinations, it is always heaving with people, prams and small dogs.
No matter the weather, it will always be busy. 
Probably my favourite stall, or, floor set up, everything was 20p, I guess they just wanted it gone, I mean who doesn't want 3 pairs of gloves, a set of coasters and magazines from 15 years ago. 
My granddad there pulling the trolley of treasures after two hours of trawling through boxes and boxes of cheap dvds. 
This one was a complete accident as I was lifting the camera to take a photo out of my window, I think the unintentional photos are among the best. 

Until next week!

Thanks for reading.

Hannah :) x

I like to draw.

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So I made a post a few days ago about what I had been drawing and painting on my iPad as that is my new obsession
I wasn't happy with how that post turned out so I decided to do it again!

I made a flickr to store all of my creations, somewhere a tad safer and permanent, although I will still have the instagram and just bulk upload to flickr!
That makes so much sense doesn't it.

So here are just a few of my favourite drawings I have done, all on my iPad with the Adonit Jot Pro Stylus

I think I will do monthly posts to round up a few of my favourite drawings, just to keep them updated and see my progress :)

Thanks for reading!

Hannah :) x


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Hey all.

I have been out and about quite a lot recently and of course taking my camera everywhere.
Not much to say about this one, just felt like documenting some photos of my day.



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So yesterday, 12th May, was my 20th birthday!
Now I love birthdays, I have been counting down from about 250 days so to say I was excited doesn't cover it.

Nothing was planned but we did end up going out for lunch and a nice drive around, so here's just some pictures I took :)

At Holmbush Tesco there is a Harris&Hoole, I've always wanted to try the coffee from here but Guilford is a little far to go just for a cuppa, so I was rather ecstatic when I saw the sign, there was a lovley lady working there, Jordan, made the experience just perfect, extremely helpful, thanks if you're reading!

So onto Bills.
Eating out is probably my favourite thing to do, I love trying new places and good foods, one on the top of the list was Bills, I first saw it in London's Westfield centre and haven't stopped thinking about it, so when I saw there was one in Horsham, that was it.
The staff were incredibly helpful and fun, obviously we told them it was my birthday, I was telling everybody, but they brought me out a candle on my brownie and even gave me a little present.

The food there is fab, I ordered the Bills Hamburger with monteray jack cheese and bacon, yes, 8/10, it's served on a little slab of wood, it just adds to the atmosphere of the place which is a nice mix between industrial and cosy homes.
So last but not least is the cake.
You have to have a cake on your birthday, of course, but we hadn't planned one or even made anything so I was allowed to pick any one I wanted when we went to Tesco.
I cannot stand jam, in any shape or form, but most of all in cakes, so it was a tough one as the selection of chocolate cakes stretched as far as that damn caterpillar cake that's the coolest when you're 5..
So after debating I chose this pretty little thing and of course got some candles!
Thank you for reading!

Hannah :) x
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