Adult colouring books?

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I wanted to chat about colouring, not just Disney characters or faintly drawn landscapes, I mean the intricately drawn symmetrical pages that you just get pulled into to discover every little detail. 
Specifically the three that have peaked my interest by Johanna Basford; Lost Ocean, Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest.

I always liked colouring, I'd try and stay as neatly inside the lines as possible but there would be that one slip that and I'd feel the whole picture was ruined so I never finished any of them, although now I have been drawing more on my ipad and in sketchbooks I have realised that if something goes outside the lines it isn't always a bad thing!

So I think I will be uploading at least one post a week on what I have been colouring and drawing, not only for some regular reading but also to prompt me to actually finish a picture! 

Have you been tempted to rekindle your love for colouring or maybe just fancy a new hobby, most of the 'adult' colouring books are being marketed as stress relievers and a way to relax, which I agree with as I often get lost inside a picture for a few hours at least.

Thanks for reading as always.
Hannah :) xo


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So it's always the way isn't it.
Just as I got my blog sorted again, my damn laptop decided to die on me, although this time it was a completely new problem.
For some reason none of my USB ports were being recognised so my external keyboard and mouse were practically none existent.
I tried turning it on and off again and again and again.
I removed the drivers, updated them and did whatever the Compaq forums told me to do but nothing worked, I then just left it, abandoned on the floor for a few days, I couldn't even look at the damn thing.

Until I had a brain wave, I hadn't yet updated to Windows 10 and thought that was my last shot at getting the USB ports to work as it would just reinstall everything when it updated.. right?
After I had turned on my laptop when it had finished updating, still nothing, I was about read to give up until now, a week later I turn it on, held my breath while it booted up and all the lights came on!

So hopefully it'll stay alive long enough for me to put up something, anything, please.

Thank you for sticking with me if you have done.

Hannah :) xo

Pillow Fight!

Hello and welcome!

Just a quick post today to say that I've entered the Oh Deer Pillow Fight competition, the way you have more chance of winning is by being liked and shared on facebook/twitter and such, so I thought I'd just post the links here, click the cushion itself and if you liked any of my designs enough to maybe see them on a real cushion then please vote!

You can also see all of my entries together over HERE.


Hands All Over.


Watercolour Roses.


Blue Cross.


So there we go, those are my entries for the competition, being noticed relies on shares and more shares from those! Everything ends Friday 6th November.
1 share on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest = 1 point
1 purchase of the cushion = 100 points

Thanks so much for reading and please comment below if you do vote or buy a cushion, I'd love to thank you again!

Hannah :) x


But you don't look disabled?

Hello hello.
Ok so since my lifestyle has changed quite dramatically since I started this blog, I would like to use my little space on the internet to my advantage.
If you aren't aware, I am a disabled human being and I make up 1/3 of a disabled household.

I am the proud owner of a degenerative, ok say it with me, de-gen-er-ative, spinal condition which affects many aspects of my life from brushing my teeth to watching tv, yes really.
I am only speaking about my own condition and I can't compare myself to others with similar problems as that wouldn't be very fair.
In short, the bottom of my spine looks like it should belong to a very elderly lady, not a 20 year old!

So a little about me and what makes me different;
When I was about 7 I discovered a lot of unusual pain in my hips and after having scans, physiotherapy and being passed from doctor to consultant back to doctor again the unanimous decision was to just monitor it and come back in a few years.
As time went on I forgot about it and didn't seem to be in any more pain, until late 2013 when I was starting to have the same feelings again as I did when I was 7, so off to the doctors we went but this time they had answers for me, after and MRI scan it turns out the problem was not my hips at all but in fact my back!

In hindsight I wish the doctors back when I was 7 would have given me posture exercises or something like that and I doubt I'd be in as much pain as I am now because growing up I have just been compensating for the pain and now left with something that isn't going to get any better.

Oof this is lengthy, it feels odd not putting any pictures in!

But what I'd like to do now is have a little space to talk about problems I face when I, or my family goes out, be it not being able to access a shop or troubles with shop-mobility services.. you know who you are.

Thank you for reading and sticking with me if you have done!
Feel free to comment, like, share, do whatever you fancy.

Hannah :) 


Morning, afternoon and good evening.
So couple of weeks ago we went up to Highdown Gardens, which is a really quaint nature walk down in Ferring.
It's well hidden from the road so unless you know it's there, you'd never find it.
I snapped a few pictures of the flowers before they all close for winter while mum and Jon had drinks in the cafe.

Luckily the weather stayed nice and warm, actually it was difficult to find shade or even a breeze that day!
The back end of the gardens leads onto the Downs where you can see most of Worthing on a particularly clear day.
I definitely recommend a walk up there if you're passing, its a lovely place to go for a picnic as I came across a few families doing just that, some people even did photo shoots and wedding ceremonies.

Just a short one today, thanks for reading as always.

Hannah :) xo


Hello hello.

So yesterday the female and I went up to London, although it was very wet and windy, enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.
Not many pictures were taken due to the rain but I snapped a few. 

I was instructed by my mother to go to Liberty's and find her some fabric as she is really into patchwork at the moment.
I picked out two lovely ones and got her a paper bag, she was over the moon.
It really is the little things, you can pop over to her blog to see what the fabrics are if you fancy :)

Looking for somewhere to eat I noticed a fluorescent sign in a steamed up window and it was for Bubba Gumps Shrimp Co., now anyone who has seen Forrest Gump will be with me on this one, how, freaking, cool.
Walking in it just looks like a gift shop but upstairs is the restaurant, which was massive and the overwhelming smell of shrimp, which, thank god, you got use to after about 5 minutes.
We ordered a selection of shrimp cooked different ways so we could try a bit of everything.
The service is very good, you'd expect it to be a tad pricey due to it being London and such a novelty place to eat. 

 We then decided venture to the Tate as that is one of my favourite places in London.. although on the day we went, of course it closed at 6PM, now what a stupid time, you'd think with London being such a busy place anyway that it would stay open late more than just two nights a week, we weren't the only ones standing outside looking confused.

Although we did spend a bit of time in Hamleys, Catarina is a massive child so that was heaven for her.
On and off buses thanks to the travel cards, even though one had a problem with the doors and we had to stand out in the rain for 10 minutes while the driver fixed it!

All in all a very good day, there was still so much to do but next time we will go when it's not raining I think.

Thanks for reading.
Hannah :) xo

Where have I gone?

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Hello hello!

If anyone is still with me, thank you, but I have to apologise for the lack of posts on here lately although the problem isn't entirely my own;
I'm convinced my laptop is possessed..
I am typing this at lightening speed as the keyboard honestly has a mind of it's own and every now and then it decides to stop working, but not the whole thing, oh no, it's not that mean, just the top row of letters and the U I O F G H B J K L keys.. now you try typing anything without those letters, it's bloody hard.

I have tried un-installing and reinstalling the keyboard drivers, I have rebooted back to factory settings I have turned it on and off again but all with no luck.
I have no idea what it's problem is but it is rather frustrating.

I have a whole backlog of pictures in well organised (who am I kidding, they're all over my desktop) folders just waiting to be written about but whenever I come to put something up, it always backfires in my face.

So just a little explanation to where I've been, I will be back, I promise, I love blogging and it's something I really want to get into but there always seems to be something standing in my way!!

Oh look the backspace key has stopped working now, come on, what.

Thank you for sticking with me, I will be back!!

Hannah :) xo


Good evening.
The other day was the opening night of Northbrook College's exhibitions, my friend had his work up so of course I went along for moral support and free food.
Morgan is doing art and design media, so photography, film, technical stuff.
He made a short film depicting the character making essentially a suicide note to his mother, a thought provoking and moving piece.

This book was his whole thought process going into producing this piece, the equipment he needed, a script, story board and test shots.

Very very proud of his piece, not an easy thing to put out there for a lot of people to see, well done you / gosh, please imagine the exclamation marks, there would be quite a few /

Moving around the college I found one of my old classes, while I was studying there, these students were in the year below me so it was nice to catch up with my previous tutors and see how their work has progressed.

These photos are from the art foundation course which was a year long, Maya hand made a violin which was pretty cool, the range and variety of work was quite interesting.

These last two are of the new finished front of the college, being a university centre also they needed to upgrade the library and canteen areas which are now housed in this geometrical monster.
The light it lets in though is lovely and reminds me of Bucks New Uni..

Overall a really nice evening, always love looking at other peoples work.

Thank you for reading.

Hannah xo

Let's paint.

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Hello hello
So I have wanted to upload quite regularly on here but my damn laptop has been so unreliable at the best of times, I have a problem with the keyboard driver which means sometimes when I turn it on, not all the keys work... now when I want to type something to accompany the photos I have taken, that isn't always possible, currently none of the numbers are working so fingers crossed I don't need to use any.
Moving on to what I'd like to share today, from previous posts you may have noticed that I love to draw, paint, create anything really, so due to the unfortunate and untimely death of my iPad cable, I have had to bring out the messy stuff. 
Paints, pastels, pens, the lot. 

Painting essentials shown above.
Paint, these are watercolours.
Oil pastels, I love the feel of these on paper.
The paper I use, it's definitely the best I have found for using any medium of mark making, no bleeding or showing through to the other side.
They also come in A Three and A Four / apologies, the numbers still aren't working / but I find I just cut up the larger paper anyway.
Finally the baby wipes, now I've tried kitchen towel, blankets and tissues, but to get paint off straight away you need something damp, these are perfect.

For a pallet I just use a plate, there is more surface area to mix colours and the raised edges help me not to spill any.

Mixed media pieces are my favourite to do, I wasn't happy with this before I added the white spots and oil pastel lines.
I don't usually have a plan when I start drawing, it just sort of happens haha.

Like usual, quite photo heavy, but that's what I like doing.
I don't think I was too pleased with how these paintings turned out, I'm not sure if it's the type of paint I'm using; watercolour, I may change over to oils or at least acrylic.
When I paint or draw I prefer to make larger movements over small, detailed marks and I don't feel the consistency of the watercolour give me the satisfaction of being able to feel the paint? That makes total sense, right?

You've made it to the end, congratulations / imagine an exclamation point /

I am always a little worried putting up posts that feature a lot of photos but I always prefer looking at the pictures then just reading a little bit of text.
Feedback would be much appreciated / again, please imagine multiple exclamation points /

Thank you so much for reading.

Hannah xo
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